Wednesday, 20 May 2015


I feel the PPP module has allowed for self-reflection throughout the year, which looking back at through my blog, the direction and route I have taken is evident in regards to not only blog posts, thoughts and self-evaluation but the body of produced, and the ‘type’ of people I have contacted. Furthermore, this module allowed me to undertake freelance work. Not only did I need to carry these works out to support myself financially and build a name for myself, I also felt these were good opportunities to work in different fields, with different target audiences, briefs and clients, building my professional communication skills, and learning about the business side of design first hand.

Even though working with clients was at times challenging with communicating around time differences, I found the projects undertaken enjoyable. I also learnt and developed different technical and software related skills depending on the brief at hand and the outcome needed or desired. I also felt working with different types of clients allows me to be a more versatile designer.

In regards to setting up contracts and the legalities of invoicing, etc, my placement has been very good in regards to gaining knowledge and practice using appropriate disclaimers whilst liaising with clients via email and contractually. These are new skills and knowledge that I have since applied to my own practice, to ensure I come across and am a professional designer, whilst protecting my work and my ideas.

I also found working with clients allowed me to manage my time better, working to deadlines and within time frames. Working on so many extra projects alongside self-initiated, collaborative, competition and industry/college set briefs I had to ensure my time keeping and organizing skills were perfected. All of this was carried out whilst being on placement, so I feel I have now got this down to a ‘T’ allowing me to produce so much work throughout this academic year.

A list of clients I have worked with since the start of the final academic year, September 2014, have been listed below. Not all of these briefs were used for Extended Practice, and some therefore feature on my PPP blog.


1.     Jade Clark, Doncaster UK
2.     Emilie Muntyan, Doncaster UK
3.     Karen Morris, Doncaster UK
4.     Medusa Décor, Leeds UK
5.     Office Monsters, Leeds UK
6.     Zarri, Florida USA
7.     Kiera Muers, Northumbria UK
8.     George Batrouni, Lebanon
9.     Impression DP, Harrogate UK
10.  Claire Ritchie, LCCA, London UK
11.  Joumana Soufi, Kuwait City, Kuwait
12.  Nicole Baldwin, Texas USA

Throughout the year I have had emails from publishers as well as being interviewed for different features. I am most proud of being featured on the ‘Talent’ section of Grafik Magazine in November 2014, featuring galleries of my work, as well as an article and an interview. I am also really proud of the Jade Clark Poster Series, Vol 02. Feature in Behind Collections by Victionary, which also features Graphic Design for Fashion works by Hermes, Passport, Issy Miyake, Two Times Elliot, Nike and Studio Small. I have always wanted to work within the Fashion Industry since going to University at NTU and studying a BA(Hons) Fashion Marketing and Branding and leaving after 1 year due to being too business led and not at all creative. Therefore this course has allowed me over time to progress as a designer to build and land my dreams which is starting to come true with this form of recognition. I really feel I am working in the right direction towards my career goals and this form of promotion will hopefully really push my career and freelance work forward in the future also.

Around a month ago I was contacted by a final year Graphic Design student studying the Degree in Vancouver, Canada. Marina da Silva, asked if she could design and produce a publication about me and work for her FMP. The brief was to produce a publication on a designer that one admires and looks up to; therefore I was really flattered to be asked. I completed an interview regarding my practice, inspirations and future goals, as well as reviewing 5 of Marina’s projects she is submitting later in the year. She is also going to be featuring images of my work, so I am really honored about this and cannot wait to see the final outcome.

Press features since September 2014 can be seen below.


1.     ‘Talent’, Grafik Magazine, November 2014
2.     Behind Collections by Victionary (Jade Clark Poster Series Vol 02, Book Feature), Published May 2015
3.     Champneys YCN 2014 Entry – Behance Student Show, April 2015
4.     Branding by Hightone Publishing (several projects to be featured, publishing date unknown at present)
5.     Art of Book Volume 2 (Jade Clark Look Book Vol 01 Book Feature) Published April 2015 by Gingko Press
6.     Publication on my Design Work by Marina Da Silva, a Graphic Design Student in Vancouver, Canada. To be designed and produced as her FMP.

Throughout the academic year I have been on visits within the UK and in Rome. Not all have been Graphic Design related, however going to other exhibitions really showed me the importance of being aware of other creatives fields around me other than Graphics and Fashion to further broaden my interests and both personal/professional practice. For example, I really enjoyed the Albert Einstein exhibition in Rome, however, I also really enjoyed the Neubau Forst Lecture, opening my eyes to a totally different world of Graphic Design, whilst being really interesting to listen to and research into.

I also carried out a visit to SYEDA in Sheffield, where I helped with a support group in the run-up to my COP3 module. SYEDA was the Eating Disorder Support Centre I visited for 3 years throughout the recovery of my ED, so re-visiting and being able to speak to those who helped me years ago was amazing. And hopefuly I helped them. I see a contextual and visual link between this and my PPP, COP3 and Extended Practice module.

I also visited Paul Belford Ltd in London, after getting in touch through a contact Mark Cooper, who used to work at Saatchi and Saatchi. Having Mark as a contact is amazing anyway, but being able to visit such an established and prestigious studio really reminded me that you have to aim for the stars within this industry, and really push myself to work in a studio such as this in the future. I also gained really good and valuable Portfolio Feedback and Feedback on my Personal Branding, which was then re-evaluated and re-worked as discussed in the evaluation for this specific PPP Brief (see separate evaluation).


1.     Paul Belford Ltd
2.     GRG Print
3.     BNI Networking Event
4.     Letterpress Printers, Rome
5.     Leeds Art Gallery
6.     Neubau Forst Lecture
7.     Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome
8.     SYEDA Support Group in Sheffield (COP3)

I also have 2 more studio visits lined up for June – Studio Small in London and Matt Wingfield in London. I am also in negotiations with Pete at Uniform, Liverpool, in regards to a portfolio review/studio visit. I am really excited to visit Studio Small, being an established Fashion led Graphic Design studio, and being featured in Behind Collection with them, so this will be an honor to speak to them and learn more about progressing down the Fashion route within my career, and hopefully I can secure a placement in the future. I am also excited to visit Matt Wingfield being so established also in the Fashion Industry, but also regarding his other works such as Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising for stores such as Harvey Nichols. I am hoping he will be able to give me some further contacts to persue in the summer, and also a potential placement – always worth a shot!!

Below shows the placements that I have undertaken throughout the year, as well as being picked up by 3 recruitment agencies. I was approached by all 3 of these agencies, after seeing my website/portfolio and CV that is also posted online.

I have written a Placement Evaluation which will give a more in depth evaluation of my time at Andersons, whilst my final PPP presentation also heavily covered the skills I have learnt and developed over my time there.


1.     Freelancer for Impression DP, Harrogate (1 Month)
2.     Junior Graphic Designer at Andersons, Leeds (5 Months)

Recruitment Agencies:

1.     JR Recruitment
2.     Orchard Recruitment
3.     Planet Personnel

In addition to the visits carried out through the year, I have contacted many studios and individuals to gain feedback, ask about studio visits, portfolio reviews, placements and jobs. Some of the studios were happy to speak to me, I found some rather rude and abrupt, yet found the feedback invaluable.

A full list of people, studios and printers contacted can be seen below, whilst the full conversations and emails can be seen on my PPP blog, along with any feedback given at the time.

Even if not all of these contacts are of any benefit to me now, it is worthwhile keeping in touch learning from my past experiences, allowing for new opportunities to arise as well as hopefully placements and job opportunities to come about.

Printers and Studios Contacted:

1.     GRG Print
2.     Hobs
3.     Dots Print Haus
4.     Andersons
5.     Black Candy
6.     Studio Small
7.     Aboud Creative
8.     Paul Belford Ltd
9.     Topshop
10.  River Island
11.  Aeropostle, New York
12.  Matt Wingfield
13.  Analogue
14.  Lord Whitney
15.  Vibe Design
16.  Studio MikMik
17.  Pollen London
18.  DR.ME
19.  Robot Food
20.  Uniform
21.  Haddow Group


1.     Charlie Hartley, Impression DP
2.     Tim Wan, LCA Alumni
3.     Mark Cooper, Saatchi and Saatchi
4.     Paul Belford, Paul Belford Ltd
5.     Bethan Jones, Paul Belford Ltd
6.     Francis Grogan, GRG Print
7.     Claire Ritchie, LCCA
8.     Becky and Andy, Colours May Vary
9.     Chris Deering, Hobs Leeds
10.  Charlotte Bourke, ASOS
11.  Claire McGregor, Selfridges
12.  Richard Bridgewater, Orchard Recruitment
13.  Jessica Goiriogolzarri, Zarri
14.  Natalie Simone, Photographer
15.  Ryan Ward, Office Monsters
16.  Kelly Young, Medusa Décor
17.  Guy, Studio Small
18.  Eddy, DR.ME
19.  Pete, Uniform
20.  Matt Wingfield

Throughout the academic year through a variety of briefs as previously noted, the range of feedback which has been received has been vast and varied, yet has really allowed me to both develop and push my design work and skills even further, allowing for me to reach my full potential and allowing me to have a portfolio I can be proud to leave the course and the college with.

Looking back to the start of the year and reflecting upon my Manifestos in the 2 PPP presentations delivered since September, it is both evident and apparent of the direction I initially wanted to go in through Extended Practice and COP and this has been now refined and simplified in terms of its wording and execution as a Manifesto, as well as now being more specific in terms of direction and route for the future.


Reflecting on the academic year has allowed for me to look back at my initial statement of intent which I had set out for myself in September. This allowed for me to list out the briefs I initially set for myself to complete throughout the year. These were as follows:

1.     Joymaker (Live Brief)
2.     Jade Clark, Look Book Vol 02.
3.     Cupcakery Branding and Identity
4.     Cosmetics Line – Branding and Promotion
5.     Fashion, Music and Lifestyle Magazine
6.     Marbella Luxury Weekend Re-Brand
7.     Maria del Carmen – Matador Sustreria
8.     Zine
9.     Scare Tactics – Collaboration with Bethany Dalzell
1.  Packaged Notebooks

Out of the 10 briefs initially set, only several were completed. Various were altered to form a slightly different brief, based on my developing interests and personal/professional direction. I also had changed several briefs to be more tailored towards a fashion/beauty portfolio, following the direction I would like to take with my career and continued freelance works. 

The briefs that were completed from the list above are as follows:

1.     Jade Clark, Look Book Vol 02. 
2.     Maria del Carmen – Matador Sustreria 
3.     Scare Tactics – Collaboration with Bethany Dalzell
4.     Packaged Notebooks

Several briefs changed. These as as follows:

1.     Cosmetics Line = Four Paws
2.     Marbella Luxury Weekend Re-Brand = Marbella Lifestyle and Culture Supplement
3.     Zine = The Fall of Rome/Tunisia Zine

I also started the brief, Joymaker, however both my client, Claire for various reasons that have been noted on my blog and myself, put this on hold. This brief will be picked up later on in the year once my academic studies have been completed, and once Claire has finished her lecturing around the country and Europe. 

Due to working with several clients/studios on freelance projects throughout the year, working on more collaborative and industry set projects than expected, and taking on additional self-initiated and competition briefs, I have completed 22 briefs (including my Personal Branding and the Design Publication). The briefs vary and show a range of skills sets, directions and choices of tone and target audience, whilst also working on several non-Fashion/Beauty projects to showcase versatility within both my personal and professional practice, even though the main body of work has been directed at a particular industry and field of design.

The briefs completed that I have submitted are as follows:

1.     Personal Branding
2.     Jade Clark Look Books Vol 02. 
3.     (Packaged) Notebooks
4.     DR.ME
5.     Maria del Carmen – Matador Sustreria
6.     Sophie Likes, Website Re-Work
7.     All Saints Proposal Look Book
8.     Four Paws
9.     Posh Tots Boutique Branding and Identity
10.  Karen Morris Dual Branding and Identity
11.  Lifestyle and Culture Supplement
12.  DBA (Capital North)
13.  Whistles for YCN
14.  Secret7”
15.  WrappedCo
16.  Scare Tactics
17.  The Fall of Rome
18.  Birthday Invites
19.  Tunisia Zine
20.  Element – Nail and Beauty Lounge
21.  Controversial Fashion Photography Book
22.  Design Publication

Of which:

1.     4 have been set my BAGD or Visiting Professionals
2.     7 have been set by clients
3.     2 have been set by competition boards
4.     9 have been self-initiated 
(3 of which have been collaborative/group)

I feel this module also allowed me to explore elements from both the Design Context and PPP module, touching on fashion and body related issues and worked on throughout my COP module, whilst really pushing and refining my personal design style and branding throughout the module where possible, ensuring my body of work is suited to my personal and professional practices, whilst allowing myself to progress and push myself as a designer. Not only in regards to improving but tailoring my portfolio for future interviews, pitches and career progression. 

I have used this module, to work on the skills I wanted to develop such as screen-printing, whilst really pushing and promoting my 90s, quirky design style that is slowly becoming synonymous with my personal branding and body of work. I have also used it as an opportunity to show my strengths, passions and chosen direction within such a large area of the design world. 

I have also really benefited from working collaboratively within large groups, small groups and with other students on different courses. I have learnt throughout my placement each others feedback is really important even when refining your own ideas, and felt the constant feedback from whomever I was working with not only improved my own skills taking feedback, but also allowed me to be more constructive in my own feedback. I also found the process of working with others much more enjoyable than expected, and therefore ended up working on 3 briefs in groups, which is more than I originally set out. The work also carried out for each of the collaborative projects was very different to each other, and more importantly different to the self-initiated briefs, being much more serious, compelling and contextual in regards to background and meaning, allowing further versatility and depth within my portfolio. 

Working with clients was a really big part of both my personal and professional practice, with some smaller freelance jobs being situated and posted on my PPP blog, opposed to my Extended Practice blog. Each project again was different however; several were based around fashion/beauty related briefs. Several of the clients were International whilst also freelancing for Impression DP in Harrogate allowing for the types of briefs, communication and form of feedback to be very different each. I didn’t see this as a problem however, more a learning curb and an opportunity to both develop my skill sets and improve and expand my portfolio and client list. I have discussed liaising with clients much more in my PPP Module Evaluation for further clarification and evaluation. 

Having so much creative freedom throughout this module has really allowed for it to be so enjoyable, worthwhile and beneficial to my practice at the moment and in the future. Out of the 3 levels of the course completed, I believe this is the one module where I have really captured who I am as a designer, what I stand for, believe in, my inspirations, thoughts, passions and direction, allowing for me to leave this course being confident in my body of work, and more importantly confident within my personal and professional practices of the route which I want to take post-college.